A Trip To The Moon

In the midst of play time yesterday my 5-year-old suddenly stopped. He put his toy down and looked at me.

“Mommy, will you go to the moon with me one day?”

Such a simple question from his little imagination, but it weighed big on my heart.

“Of course I will!” Was my immediate response.

He smiled and wandered off while I stood there pondering his question.

He loves me SO much that he wants me, his mommy to fly to the moon with him. Right now at 5-years-old his future dreams include his mommy. Man. I savored that moment.

Every day I feel like I’m messing up as a parent. Every day I feel like I should have done something different. Something better. All the while, my little guy is just dreaming about going to the moon with his mommy.

Standing there I realized that I am his world right now. His future. And his dreams. It won’t always be this way, I know.

So I stopped criticizing my parenting for a minute. I picked up his little metal space rocket and made his dream come true. We flew to the moon together.

So often I get caught up in being the “perfect” mom. Is the house spotless? Laundry folded? Floors mopped? Rooms cleaned? If the answer is no, than I’m failing as a mom.

The truth is: our kids think we are perfect the way we are. Because we are the only mom they know! While we keep piling things on our to-do list to make us feel like more accomplished mothers…our kids just want us to lay aside that list and fly to the moon with them!!


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