Memories and Meltdowns

My last blog post was titled Take The Vacation in reference to making memories with your family. Since writing that blog post we took a family vacation to the beach. While we had a great time with lots of laughs, it came with its fair share of meltdowns.

Someone asked me jokingly if we were going to take another vacation anytime soon and the answer is…yes.

My husband and my boys are my people. We are imperfect. We get stressed out. We fit and feud. We do those things at home and we do those things on vacation. And it’s okay, because we are together. Me and my people.

Just for fun…here are a few things the strong-willed child had meltdowns over. Can anyone relate??

  1. He couldn’t buy something at every place we stopped.
  2. He was hungry.
  3. He needed to pee.
  4. He couldn’t get off the Kennedy Space Center bus tour. [I almost cried about that one too…boring]
  5. He got “sun cream” [AKA sunscreen] in his eyes.
  6. He couldn’t stay at the beach all day.

I’ll take memories and meltdowns on the beach anytime…because the meltdowns are short and the memories are forever!!


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