My Greatest Fear

I am a weirdo…now that I’ve cleared that up, sometimes I sit around and wonder what people will say at my funeral. See, weird.

Will they like me enough to even come? What will I be remembered by? What legacy am I leaving? What stories will people tell about me?

My greatest fear is to live a life that was wasted.

I don’t want to simply live and be forgotten. I want to make impressions on people’s lives. I want to be kind. I want to be helpful. I want to be sweet and caring.

I want people to say I was a good wife and mother. A good daughter. A good sister. A good friend, even if for just a season.

And most importantly…I want people to know I didn’t live a perfect life, BUT I LOVED JESUS.

I wonder which stories about me my boys will choose to tell their kids? Will I be the crazy screaming monster mom or the calm compassionate caring mom…because I’ve been both!

Will they say I was adventurous? Bold? And a goal setter? Or will they say I was boring, lazy, and spent to much time on my phone…because I’ve done both!

Will they remember me reading my Bible and praying with them? Or will they say we never went to church…because we’ve done both!

I want to live well. God chooses to give us each new day. I don’t want to waste such a gift and live a life that’s just mediocre. I want to live one that is worthy of being remembered.


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