What I Want For Mother’s Day

First off, who invented Mother’s Day? Let us create a “holiday” where your kids are supposed to celebrate you…but your kids are two…so…just kidding!

Our poor husbands. Not only is it their responsibility to remember our birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, the day you started dating, the day you got engaged, the day your first tooth fell out, and when we randomly need a hug or the waterworks come tumbling down [AKA: that time of the month…it is always safe to send flowers during this time]…he ALSO has to remember Mother’s Day.

For 30 years [cause let’s face it, kids are still selfish in their 20’s] our husbands have to make sure we know what a good mom we’ve been all these years [cause the calendar says so]. Kudos to dads for bailing their toddlers out!!

But seriously. All I want for Mother’s Day is to have another day with my kiddos. Maybe a handwritten card with scribbles or a dandelion from the yard. Because I know that my kids won’t understand all I do for them as their mother until they have wives and children of their own.

So until then, I’ll let my husband tell me what a good mom I am. I’ll beam with pride at that handmade card from the heart and that flower that wilts within the hour. I’ll celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom…and maybe I’ll thank my dad for bailing me out all those years…


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