Take The Vacation


A few months after our wedding in 2003 my dad cosigned a loan for Deon and I to start building our credit [and a life together]. I believe it was around $600 and we thought we hit the jackpot!

We could do anything we wanted with our $600….and off to the beach we went! [The picture above was the first time Deon’s feet had ever touched the ocean water].

It was the first trip [of many] that Deon and I would travel together. My first vacation without my parents. Our first vacation as husband and wife [and Cameron as you can see in the picture below…I won’t even comment on my hair!].


I’ve never regretted spending that $600 to walk on the beach, even though I’m sure at the time there were a lot of other things we needed to use that money for.


I’ve never regretted the car ride where Preston screamed all the way to Myrtle Beach and back [although I’ve never forgot it either…mercy!].

Or the time the motel fire alarm went off and we spent hours standing in the parking lot wondering if it was safe to go in. Or how we squeeze our family into tiny hotel rooms and make them get along.

OR the time we went canoeing with all the kiddos and it came a monsoon [there was a lot of praying on that trip].

Because those are the things we laugh about today.


The joy of those two kids walking on the beach together in 2003 has turned into 15 years and a lot of roads traveled. A lot of memories made.


I hope my kids stand with their kids in some of the same places. Travel some of the same roads. I hope they are not so busy with life that they get stuck in one place.

Life will be right where you left it when you return. Time passes. Kids get older. Don’t forget to make memories. Take the vacation.


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