Magnetic Lashes Review

Just for fun I thought I would do a review of these magnetic eyelashes I ordered: Esther Beauty Magnetic Eyelashes Dual 3D Ultra Thin Reusable $10.99 from Amazon. Someone told me about these a few months ago, and who doesn’t want longer lashes?!

Especially when lash boost products can cost $150!!


They came in this cute box and storage case….

It took me 3 tries to apply them correctly [not as bad as I anticipated]. You have to put one false lash under your real lashes, and another false lash on the top of your real lashes. The magnets connect = long Hollywood lashes!

My Recommendations:

  1. Put your mascara and eyeliner on first.
  2. Put the bottom magnetic lash on first, close your eye, and then put the top magnetic lash on. Ta-da…magic! [I tried to put them on with my eye open the first two times, no luck!]
  3. I only used them on the outside of my lids. There are more for the inner part of your lids, but I would recommend leaving those off unless you want to look like this:


My final result [drum roll please]:


I love the way they look!! I would definitely wear them for a night out. 5 Stars from me.


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